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Providing Sound Regulatory and Technical Solutions

On-Site Solutions

Real Estate Transactions and Due Diligence Services

LMI provides Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) that conform to the ASTM 1527-13 standard to ensure our clients qualify for one of three landowner liability protections.    If needed, LMI professionals have expertise in performing Phase II ESAs to better define uncertainty that may arise from a Phase I ESA.    LMI provides Phase I and II ESAs for clients one site at a time and also at the program level for clients where these services are a routine requirement for their business. Program level services are designed to make efficient decisions on real estate transactions and  get the benefits of scale.

Phase II ESA services are supplemented by regulatory knowledge that allows a solution to meet our client's needs.   This may include a quick remedial strategy or a limitation of liability provided by a Brownsfield program.   Understanding multiple regulatory program frameworks is essential to getting the right solution for each transaction.

LMI's due diligence services also include valuing the lifecycle costs of environmental liabilities and operating limitations provided by environmental permits.   Our transactional services help our clients understand the full cost of environmental liabilities and operating costs through asset disposition.

Assessment and
Remediation Services

LMI has Scientists, Geologists and Engineers skilled at soil and groundwater assessments for volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds and metals.    After subsurface investigations are complete, LMI provides clients with short or long term remedial solutions that include: excavations; dual phase extraction and treatment through air stripping or thermal oxidization; air sparging; chemical injection or natural attenuation.

Aligning Client goals with the right regulatory strategy is the key to a successful assessment and remediation project.    LMI's assessment and remediation expertise includes hazardous waste sites, underground storage tank sites and landfills.   In addition to having the technical expertise to meet remediation goals, LMI is skilled at maximizing cost recovery from state trust funds and insurance programs.

Compliance Services 

LMI assists clients with securing NPDES stormwater, NPDES discharge, air and consumptive well permits.   Developing permits aligned with current operating requirements and flexibility to grow are one of the ways LMI helps clients meet their business objectives.