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Phase I & II Assessments - LMI has been retained by a large regional developer to design and implement a due diligence program for up to 50 small box retails stores per year.  The program includes site development screening protocol to filter high risk sites efficiently; perform ASTM 1527-13 Phase I Environmental Assessments cost effectively; and provide standardization for performing Phase I & II Environmental Assessments.   The standardization allows all development, construction. and financing team members to understand the information and make better decisions.   

HSRA/Brownfields - LMI was hired by a large regional developer to value legacy environmental liaibilites for a 9 acre prime real estate property in downtown Atlanta.   LMI identified 6 separate soil and groundwater plumes across the site and successfully got a Prospective Purchaser Corrective Action Plan (PPCAP) approved by the EPD's Brownsfield Program within 6 weeks, which allowed the transaction to be completed with our client getting a limitation of liability afforded under the Brownsfield Program.   This PPCAP was unique in that it allowed the developer up to 10 years to complete remediation (usually does not go past 3 years).

Solid Waste - In 2007, LMI took over the management of a solid waste permit for a municipal landfill, including a HSRA groundwater remediation project and post closure methane monitoring program.   LMI successfully managed the technical aspects of the project and was successful at getting all the prior consultants and LMI's eligible cost refunded by the state hazardous waste trust fund.

UST Management - LMI was hired by a regional jobber to provide remediation and assessment services for a leaking underground storage tank that had impacted a nearby private drinking water well.   LMI completed assessment delineation, installation and maintenance of a carbon filtration system for the impacted private drinking water well, and installed a dual phase remediation system equipped with air sparging.   LMI successfully treated soil, dissolved groundwater contamination and free product.  In addition, LMI kept this project from action by the Attorney Generals office and was able to get the client 100% of the remediation costs paid for from the state trust fund.

Management Consulting - LMI was retained by a Fortune 10 energy company to assist in the development of an Environmental Reserve Process that provides consistency across the entire organization (32 states) for establishing and increasing environmental reserves to conform with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002.   LMI personnel also provided training to each office on the new standard operating procedure.

Client List

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